Andreu Galera i Pedrosa


Name: Andreu Galera i Pedrosa

Institution: Archivo Histórico de Cardona

Contact details:,

Short CV:

PhD in Medieval History from the University of Barcelona since 2002 with a thesis entitled Territori, senyoriu i jurisdicció a la Catalunya Central: la batllia de Cardona (Ducat de Cardona) i la baronia de Santa Maria d'Aguilar (ss. XI-XVI), under the supervision of Dr. Manuel Riu. His line of research focuses on the town and the salt mines of Cardona in the Middle Ages, and the formation of a social elite under the protection of its jurisdictional lords, paying special attention to territorial, urban, and fiscal topics. He is the author of about thirty articles, as well as several collective and monographic works on Medieval and Early Modern subjects. He has also been Assistant Professor at the Department of Medieval History, Palaeography and Diplomatics of the aforementioned university during the academic year 2003-2004. Since January 2004 he directs the Historical Archive of Cardona, a position from which he has promoted the study of the Modern History of this town with the objective of retrieving, preserving, and making public the documentary collections concerning the discovery and the use of potash salt, as fundamental sources to understand the reality of the municipality during the past centuries, and, by extention, of all Central Catalonia. In 2007 he was granted the Francisco Javier Ayala-Carcedo Award by the Spanish Society for the Defense of the Geological and Mining Patrimony, in the third edition of that prize, in recognition of this task.

Selected bibliography:

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