Joan Ferrer Godoy


Nom i cognoms: Joan Ferrer i Godoy

Category and institution: Arxiu Històric de Girona, Universitat de Girona

Contact details: /

Short CV:

BA in Geography and History (UB, 1985-1991), specialisation in Medieval History. MA in Medieval Archeology (UB, 1993-1995). MA in Research in Humanities (UdG, 2013-2014). Director of the Comarcal Archive of el Ripollès (2001-2013). Director of the Historical Archive of Girona (since 2013). His research line focuses on the commercial and productive economy in a monastic small town (Sant Joan de les Abadesses) during the Later Middle Ages (specifically, 14th century), the analysis of the relationships between the abbey and the local community (merchants, craftsmen, markets...), as well as with respect to the rural surroundigs and the territoris under the jurisdiction of this monestary.

Selected bibliography:

- « La creu processional del monestir de Sant Joan de les Abadesses », Annals de l'Institut d'Estudis Gironins, 59, 2018, p. 253-284

- Actes i resolucions: Sant Joan de les Abadesses en època moderna (1635-1859), Fundació Noguera, Barcelona, 2013

- Diplomatari del monestir de Sant Joan de les Abadesses (995-1273), Fundació Noguera, Barcelona, 2009

- « Les notes marginals dels llibres de registres parroquials de Sant Joan de les Abadesses, Sant Martí d'Ogassa i Sant Martí de Surroca », Annals 2005-2006 del Centre d'Estudis Comarcals del Ripollès, 2007, p. 65-85



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